Introducing The Yoak™

The next generation fitness stability trainer with old school charm.

The Yoak™ adds three-dimensional instability to your favorite bar, squat, or suspension movements.

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Challenge Yourself

Whether you’re on the road to recovery or a high calibre athlete, the Yoak™ will give you endless challenge and perspective. Are you ready for it?

Ultimate Flexibility

With 4 different modes, the Yoak™ brings unlimited possibilities to your workout routines.


Training with the Yoak in Squat/Yoke mode

Squat, yoke-walk, or lunge with just about anything, and do it just about anywhere.


Training with the Yoak in Suspension mode

Suspend for a full range of pull-up options, or connect a pair of rings for the ultimate suspension dips, rows, and push-ups.


Multiple hand positions enable both internal and external rotation, while the curve adds a balancing dimension.

Training with the Yoak in Bar mode


Change the dowel position and add asymmetry to your floor work or use them as traditional Parallettes.

Training with the Yoak in Parallettes mode

Workout Anywhere

The portable, versatile, and unique functionality and design make the Yoak™ perfect for:

  • Commercial Gyms
  • Your Home
  • Personal Training Facilities
  • Health and Rehab Centres

Tried & True

From kids, to seniors, to professional athletes; exercising with the Yoak™ will augment any training routine to improve balance and strength.

Scott Dunaway Scott Dunaway ChiroStrength

As a Chiropractor who uses movement assessment and correction as the keystone of my treatment, the Yoak™ has provided a key component to my rehab/prehab protocols.

Zachary Long Zachary Long The Barbell Physio

The Yoak™ is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment I’ve used in my years of work as both a strength coach and rehab professional. The variety of loading options makes the Yoak™ amazing tool for whole body strength and stability.

Shawn Mozen, training with the Yoak Shawn Mozen Agatsu Fitness

The Yoak™ blew me away! This is an amazing tool, a true suspension trainer with limitless possibilities.

Everett Sloan, training with the Yoak Everett Sloan Bytown Crossfit

I can work on my gymnastic skills and balance training, as well as load it up with some serious weight to work on some heavy yoke walks.

Leslie Timms, training with the Yoak Leslie Timms Professional Climber

The Yoak™ is incredibly versatile. Can't wait to see the long term gains. It's a great compliment to my climbing and training.

Young CrossFit enthusiasts at CrossFit Indestri, training with the Yoak Stephanie McKean CrossFit Indestri

Very impressed with the versatility of The Yoak™ - an excellent addition to our gym. We've begun to use it in all of our CrossFit Classes, from kids to our senior Fit for Life 60+ class.

Built tough, in the North

A smooth wood exterior joins the strong aluminum core to provide a beautiful and functional product.

The Yoak™ is sourced responsibly, and built locally.

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The Composite Yoak™

Our flagship model and the go-to for both home and commercial use.

  • Enjoyed by kids, climbers, strongmen and everyone young at heart
  • The Yoak™'s design may be the perfect balance of form and function
  • Patent-pending cervical notch and arc shape to eliminate spinal loading in Squat/Yoke Mode while accommodating shoulder rotation for bar work
  • Rounded handles are comfortable to grip
  • The use of wood contributes to the management of carbon in the atmosphere
  • Laminates are conciously sourced to ensure both the safety of workers and customers
  • The waterjet cut aluminum is lightweight, strong and durable