For Physiotherapists

Improves joint stability and movement efficiency for sustainable musculoskeletal function

Endlessly Versatile

Endlessly Versatile

The Yoak™’s versatility enables it to be used with a full-spectrum of patients, from those rehabilitating injuries to advanced movers looking to reach new heights.

Endlessly Versatile

Activates Stabilizers

By introducing gentle perturbations into standard movements, patients recruit stabilizer muscles more effectively, resulting in enhanced joint stability and optimal co-contraction.

Endlessly Versatile

Light and Compact

The Yoak™’s small size accommodates clinics of all sizes, helping you leverage your existing equipment while adding full-spectrum training potential.

Built tough, for everyday use

A smooth wood exterior joins the strong aluminum core to provide a beautiful and functional product.

The Yoak™ is sourced responsibly, and built locally.

Speaking of the Yoak™

I’m always a bit skeptical of new training instruments, however, the Yoak™ was undoubtedly an exception to this rule as it absolutely blew me away. In fact I would go as far as saying it’s one of the best and most versatile training tools I’ve used in recent years.

Dr. Joel Seedman Dr. Joel Seedman Advanced Human Performance

The Yoak™ is a revolutionary multi-modal training system that enables the activation of stabilizer muscles with traditional push, pull, and squat movements.

Start training today to improve movement efficiency, reduce muscle fatigue, and generate more power with the Yoak™