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Insightful articles by the Yoak discussing state-of-the-art tools, methodology, and science for improving your fitness with a focus on stability training. Browse the blog, or read the latest:

Strength Symmetry - Blog Series Intro

Strength Asymmetry: the result of a strength imbalance. Our Strength Symmetry Blog Series discusses the asymmetry commonly observed in the fundamental movements of pushing, pulling, squatting, and walking/lunging.  Ambidexterity vs. Strength Symmetry... Read more →

Maximizing Squat Gains With Bar and Load Squat Variations

Talk to the majority of strength & conditioning professionals, and they will call the squat the king of all exercises. While the back squat is the most common, it is... Read more →

Yoak Movements - Pendular Yoke Walk with The Yoak

Welcome to our first blog post! In our desire to further expand on what motivates us here at the Yoak we will start publishing periodic instalments on a full suite... Read more →


Details the times we shared the Yoak with all sorts of folks who got to pull, push, squat, and lunge their way to a new perspective on movement. Browse the blog, or read the latest:

Crossfit Indestri

Our inaugural Yoak Session Blog comes to you from shores of Georgian Bay, in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. This is where you’ll find CrossFit Indestri, a world class facility in a... Read more →