For Obstacle Course Training

Get a leg-up on the competition by training with the Yoak™

Endlessly Versatile

Endlessly Versatile

Imagine a training system that offers as much versatility and challenge as an obstacle course! The Yoak™ enables all types of traditional barbell and suspension exercises that usually cost thousands of dollars in equipment.

Endlessly Versatile

Modular and Portable

The Yoak™’s small size and weight enable it to travel with you so that you never miss a workout. Even better, you can connect it to anything to take advantage of existing equipment like kettlebells!

Endlessly Versatile

Improve Performance

Training with the Yoak™ has been shown to increase muscle activation, reduce muscular fatigue, and improve power output.

Built tough, for everyday use

A smooth wood exterior joins the strong aluminum core to provide a beautiful and functional product.

The Yoak™ is sourced responsibly, and built locally.

The Yoak™ is a revolutionary multi-modal training system that enables the activation of stabilizer muscles with traditional push, pull, and squat movements.

Start training today to improve movement efficiency, reduce muscle fatigue, and generate more power with the Yoak™