For Chiropractors

Improve your patients spinal health with the world’s most versatile and ergonomic rehabilitation tool

Activates Stabilizers

Activates Stabilizers

Enhance spine stability through the co-contraction of core stabilizer muscles.

Activates Stabilizers

Endlessly Customizable

Progressive loading configurations enable client specific customization.

Activates Stabilizers


The Yoak™’s ergonomic design reduces the load on the cervical spine for conventional strength and stability exercises.

Built tough, for everyday use

A smooth wood exterior joins the strong aluminum core to provide a beautiful and functional product.

The Yoak™ is sourced responsibly, and built locally.

Speaking of the Yoak™

As a Chiropractor who uses movement assessment and correction as the keystone of my treatment, the Yoak™ has provided a key component to my rehab/prehab protocols.

Scott Dunaway Scott Dunaway ChiroStrength

The Yoak™ is a revolutionary multi-modal training system that enables the activation of stabilizer muscles with traditional push, pull, and squat movements.

Start training today to improve movement efficiency, reduce muscle fatigue, and generate more power with the Yoak™