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Strength Symmetry - Blog Series Intro

Strength Asymmetry: the result of a strength imbalance. Our Strength Symmetry Blog Series discusses the asymmetry commonly observed in the fundamental movements of pushing, pulling, squatting, and walking/lunging.  Ambidexterity vs. Strength Symmetry Symmetry is everywhere in nature. And while many of us appear as humans to be mostly symmetrical; eyes, ears, etc., when... Read more →

Maximizing Squat Gains With Bar and Load Squat Variations

Talk to the majority of strength & conditioning professionals, and they will call the squat the king of all exercises. While the back squat is the most common, it is important to note how multiple squat variations from bars, to loadings, and placement can provide a completely different training stimulus. By... Read more →

Yoak Movements - Pendular Yoke Walk with The Yoak

Welcome to our first blog post! In our desire to further expand on what motivates us here at the Yoak we will start publishing periodic instalments on a full suite of things related to movement, training, and of course our product the Composite Yoak™. We’re committed to making these posts... Read more →